Central to our mission is a deep interest and commitment to working with others in developing our capacity as a sector to enhance service provision, impact and the outcomes that charities provide.

We do this through a variety of collaborative engagements such as our partnership with
  • Community of Learning
  • Co-Design of applications
  • Impact Exchange
  • Our investment in solutions that support information exchange between all stakeholders involved in the service delivery chain


Many staff in many charities struggle with similar challenges when it comes to managing information.

Having built solutions for hundreds of charities we have discovered a wealth of skill and information within the charitable community.

The way to harness this resource is to bring groups with similar challenges together and focus on solutions that have already been found.

ENCLUDE Training Courses

carmichaelWe bring this groups together each month at the Carmichael Centre. Sessions focus on themes and roles:
  • Managers needing new reports
  • Systems administrators wanting to understand security and make changes
  • Fundraisers and admin staff wanting mass communication
  • CEO’s to look at data protection and HR

We also bring groups together around themes, to look at client assessment for addiction services or outcome measurement in homeless or management of large volume of documents, integration of Website and CRM or CRM and financial accounting system.


As well as coming together to learn, there is also the need to support individual staff with particular issues. The first port of call is the collective knowledge base of “how to” information, developed in the community. The next source of support is your peers whom you met through the community of learning, but there may still be the need for help from a system expert at the end of the phone or on email.

ENCLUDE CRM Membership support provides this resource as Community Members can email or ring during office hours and get an expert to resolve the issue immediately or direct them to the needed resource. To find out more please contact us.


We apply an engineering systems approach to the management of information and strongly discourages ad hoc and spot IT solutions to individual function needs.

We have accumulated substantial intellectual property (held in trust) from our engagement with fellow charities working in different services that share common functions.

These include the design and development of various Apps including service modules like:

  • eCASS (addiction)
  • YeSS (youth)
  • Flexibus-RT (rural transport)
  • Counselling
We also have functional modules for
  • Fundraising
  • Training
  • SMS
  • Mass email
  • Property management
  • Health and safety

These core modules, or Apps. can be shared with other charities in order to standardise best practice and amendments or particular configurations can be applied where necessary.

Our strategy is to build a Management Information System consistent with external data standards, configured to meet local needs also.


This initiative is a collaboration between multiple partners from the community and voluntary, social enterprise, business and state sectors. Impact Exchange aims to improve the way that information is managed in the social services sector.

The project involves the development and showcasing of new ways of collectively improving how data is collected and to transform this into practical knowledge that will have a greater impact in the social services sector.

The project is based around Learning Communities that use collectively designed CRM systems and Mobile Apps to improve work practice.

qualitymattersOver the next few years, the project will seek to:

    • Create efficiencies in the way charities manage information
    • Seek to work with statutory agencies rationalise data collection and reporting systems where possible
    • Highlight and promote good practice in outcome reporting, with a focus on shared outcome measurement
    • Develop Mobile apps that encourage clients to further engage with their own service provision, planning and data collection
    • Turn data into practical knowledge in order to help improve service provision and planning

Impact Exchange